Debbie Ormiston

Criminal Defence Executive

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T: 01772 552 297

Criminal Law – Preston

I started working for Birchall Blackburn in 1988 involved in preparation of Criminal bills. In 1990 I became a Crown Court Clerk involved in the preparation of all Crown Court cases and in 1994 I passed the Police station Accreditation exams and was able to represent clients in the Police station. I have 25 years experience in Criminal law. I am Head of the Crown Court department and I assist in the preparation of cases for the Magistrates Court. I am also responsible for the Legal Aid franchise and the smooth running of the criminal department as a whole.

Qualifications and professional achievements: Police station accredited since 1994.

Personal Accreditations: Police Station accredited.

How did you end up working for a law firm? Purely by chance I was offered a position at the firm back in 1988 and took it without hesitation. I haven’t looked back since.  I have worked with John Didsbury the Head of the Criminal Department throughout the 25 years.

Unusual fact: I have just taken up running as a hobby, something I thought I would never be able to do, I hope eventually to run a marathon.