Still cycling at 102 – a BBLaw Bike Blog

Great report on Sky News, about the 102 year old man who broke a cycling record for the second time.

Robert Marchand set a new record in the over 100s category on 31st January by beating his own previous best distance, in the race against the clock, by 1.5miles.

Marchand, who is a retired firefighter and logger, competed in the race two years ago, received a standing ovation in France’s new National Velodrome.

The fact that this man is 102 and still competing is amazing enough but that he improved his own personal best (and previous world record) is more fantastic still.

How many other sports can claim an “over 100s” group, never mind one that gets so much positive coverage.

Mr Marchand also reminds us that it’s never too late to go cycling! It’s the perfect sport for all ages and fitness levels as it’s non-weight bearing, low impact and it gives you a great cardio workout.

If you believe that cycling keeps you young, then Monsieur Marchand is living proof!