5 best cities to move to for your career

Fanatical about finance tech? Crazy about the creative industry? No matter what career path you want to pursue (or are currently on!), there is a location for everyone in the UK. We’ve hand-picked five of the top twenty cities deemed some of the best places to further your career…based on what industry you’d prefer to work in! 

Best for: Digital and creative industries
Location: Manchester

There are over 7,500 digital tech firms and creative companies in Manchester – over 4,000 of which are start-ups. The Northern Powerhouse is a professional paradise for the likes of software developers, digital marketers, graphic designers and so on. According to Payscale, a Software Engineer can earn an average salary of £31,938 and a project manager can expect to earn around £37,194. Other thriving industries include life sciences, healthcare, business, and energy & environment. Some of the most popular e-commerce companies to work for in Manchester include big names like Boohoo and Auto Trader, whereas creatives will find opportunities with the BBC and ITV in the fantastic MediaCityUK. If you’re looking for a career that’s a little more indy, then there are so many innovative digital marketing start-ups, independent theatres and entertainment venues who are always welcoming new faces. 

Best for: Education and construction
Location: Leeds

According to the Leeds Council website, there are currently 2,925 Construction and Infrastructure businesses in the city, making it a prime hot spot for contractors, surveyors and architects. By 2025, the number of jobs in this sector is expected to increase by 14% thanks to upcoming developments such as HS2, Leeds South Bank, East Leeds Extension and the Enterprise Zone. When it comes to jobs in education, Leeds is one of the best locations outside of London. Academic performance is steadily improving, showing long-term growth over the next few decades. For those seeking a career in higher education, the city is also home to three universities and dozens of colleges. The city and surrounding suburbs boast low property prices and a steady housing market, according to the latest PropCast report

Best for: Financial and business services
Location: Milton Keynes

As one of the most famous “new” towns in the UK, Milton Keynes was said to be the town of the future when it was first built in the 60s. The grid system makes it easy to get around by car and the integrated underpasses are great for bikes and pedestrians. But what really makes Milton Keynes stand out is the sheer amount of career opportunities available in the financial and business services sectors. The town is home to the head offices of several big-names in the business world including Rightmove Group, Domino’s Pizza, National House Building Council, Xero, Volkswagen Financial Services and Yamaha Music, to name but a few. With so many HQs comes so many chances to work in operations and sales for some of the world’s most loved brands. 

Best for: Manufacturing and engineering
Location: Derby

Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Ecobat, Balfour Beatty are some of the top employers in the East Midlands city. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have either – most of the prestigious companies have openings for all levels including apprenticeships, graduates, experienced specialists and senior management. Derby is the second-fasted growing city economically speaking, so it can be a very rewarding place to live and work! 

Best for: Environmental, marine and aerospace
Location: Southampton

Famous for the Spitfire airplane and the Hawker Hurricane, Southampton is a hub for environmental, marine and aerospace careers. Some of the most notable marine and maritime organisations to work for in Southampton include the National Oceanography Centre, the Marine and Coastguard Agency and Marine Accident Investigation Branch. If you’re more interested in a career in aerospace then Redmayne Engineering and GE Aviation. If you’re looking to go back to full or part time study then the University of Southampton offers some fantastic degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as marine biology, geology, geophysics and more! 

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