5 ways to stay safe and have fun this New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s Eve is a fantastic chance to throw a party at home and catch up with your loved ones. Some of you may choose to hit the town for the ultimate night out of the year. Whatever you end up doing to celebrate the beginning of the new decade, it might involve drinking alcohol and big groups of people…which can be a risky mix!

It’s always a good idea to stay safe if you’re planning on celebrating a little more livelier this year. Being safe doesn’t mean you can’t have just as much fun – it’s just a good idea to keep aware and look out for yourself and others.

1. Keep your phone charger handy

If you’re heading out this New Year’s Eve then take a portable phone charger with you. It’s easier than you think to lose your friends in a bar or out on the streets. So if you are separated from friends or family then you’ll have enough battery on your phone to get in touch with them…just make sure everyone else has a way of keeping their phone charged too!

2. Plan your escape route

This may sound dramatic, but planning your journey home or to wherever you’re staying that night is essential if you want to enjoy New Year’s Eve to the fullest. Even though it’ll most probably be difficult to get a taxi, you can go for other options such as car shares, public transport or even a designated driver in your group.

3. Stay overnight wherever possible

If you’re going out to celebrate, then you may want to consider staying over…even if you only live a twenty minute drive away. There are plenty of last minute budget-friendly rooms (and even entire homes) on Air BnB and Booking.com, especially if you’re splitting the cost with a few friends. If your budget is a bit tight this year, you can just stay at a friends house! But if you’re hosting a house party then make sure your guests have somewhere to stay, whether it’s at your house or in a nearby hotel.

4. Stick together

If you’re on a night out as part of a group then make sure you stick together. Never leave a friend on their own, especially if they’re a little too drunk. It’s also a good idea to pace yourself when it comes to alcohol – alternate between an alcoholic drink and a water. That way, you’ll avoid the dreaded New Year’s Day hangover and remember the night! Speaking of alcohol, always keep your drink within sight if you’re out at a bar. It can take a stranger seconds to slip something into your drink – so keep a firm eye out or use an anti drink spiking stopper.

5. Dealing with unwanted attention

If someone keeps harassing you and won’t leave you alone, then don’t be afraid to tell them to go away. If you’re in a bar, then tell the bar staff and they will swiftly deal with it! If you’re at a house party, tell the host and they should sort it out for you. Never let someone guilt you into letting them invade your personal space – they probably wouldn’t like it if someone was doing it to them.

We hope you have a fantastic time celebrating the start of 2020! If you’d like to read any more of our New Year’s Eve posts, take a look at our blog