Always Seek Advice On A Mouth Ulcer That Won’t Heal

A 34 year old woman noticed a mouth ulcer in her mouth and became concerned after a few weeks when it hadn’t cleared up.

She visited her GP who seems unconcerned. Following a visit to her dentist, she was referred to a specialist, who diagnoses a type of mouth cancer called, squamous cell carcinoma.

After a delay of 2 months, following a biopsy, she was urgently referred to a maxillofacial consultant (a surgeon dealing with conditions affecting the jaw and face), who operated on her.

Reported in the mail online, Natalie Hurley, commented, “ it was slightly smaller than a 5 pence piece and white on top.”. “it remained painful and kept growing. It had trebled in size”.

Unfortunately, the cancer has now spread to her lung and will need to be surgically removed.

This type of cancer mainly affects people over the age of 50 but seems to be coming more common place in younger people, even those with good oral hygiene and that don’t smoke or drink. Those who smoke and drink are at higher risk.

Whilst this type of cancer is relatively rare, it highlights the importance of seeking advice quickly from your GP and if you are uncertain, your dentist, who can make an NHS referral to a specialist consultant.

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