Amputation Claims

There are many reasons why, sadly amputations are required. Diabetes, failed operations and procedures, infection and existing vascular disease can be one of many causes.

Todays largely sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, has led to an increase in undiagnosed vascular, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure, leading to an increase in amputations.

In many cases, errors in surgery tragically lead to the need for amputation.

Amputation is a life changing event and we understand is about helping the entire person not just the loss of a limb.

In order to succeed in these in these claims you will need to show that the standard of care given to you fell short of what was required. You would then also need to show that had you been given the treatment, you would not have lost your limb.

Birchall Blackburn Law’s medical negligence team has excellent relationships with leading experts, including, specialists nurses, Therapists, Physiotherapists, prosthetic limb designers and manufacturers, and rehabilitation experts.

The standard of prosthetic limbs is outstanding and cutting edge technology now means that an active standard of life can be restored. It is important that as part of your legal claim, the cost of this technology and access to leading design companies is a priority. We aim to put you in contact with leading professionals to avoid increasing costs to the NHS.