BB IT Portal

The new IT Portal rundown from Jon Dickinson, our IT Manager:

By now you will have all seen the new Birchall Blackburn Law IT Portal and Password Self Service Portal.

Since we launched these portals we have seen a really good take up of the services, thank you to all who have adopted these changes to the way IT support is handled within Birchall Blackburn Law.

By logging your requests via the IT Portal you are helping ensure that requests are dealt with in the most efficient way possible, & by using the Password Self Service Portal, you are not only saving yourself time by resolving your own password issues straight away, but also helping us free up IT resources to work on improving services and resolving the more complex problems we all face.


Here are some stats from the Portals since they launched:

Requests logged through the IT Portal since launch = 224
Requests resolved through the IT Portal since launch = 176
Passwords reset using the Password Self Service Portal since launch = 64
Accounts unlocked using the Password Self Service Portal since launch = 71

There is still some work to do as requests are still being logged directly with members of IT. As a reminder, the use of the Portal is vital, especially as we expand the team in the coming weeks, (watch this space for more details to come!)

As a reminder you can access the Portals at the links below:

IT Services Portal: http://bbsd01:8080
Password Self Services Portal: http://bbsd01:8888

You should also have the icons on your desktops but if not, please log a request via the IT Portal and we will arrange this. Also, please remember to enrol for the Password Self Service Portal before you need it!

Finally, once again a huge thank you for all your support whilst we launched these portals.”


If you haven’t already, here are some handy tips to get you started on the IT Portal


What you can do on the Portal

The IT Services Portal is the place to go for all things IT.

From the portal page you can see any announcements we have made to do with issues, service changes or news from IT. You can search the knowledge base for a resolution to a problem before logging a request, (disclaimer, this is still being implemented, so far there are only a couple of articles). Finally you can log an incident or a service request.


What is the difference between an Incident and a Service Request?

Incident – This is when something is broken and you need help from IT Services, for example: “My computer wont switch on” or “I get this error message when I load up MatterSphere”.

If this is what you need, click “Report an Issue” from the Portal homepage.

Service Request – This is when everything is working, but you need something from IT, for example: “I need a new keyboard as the E key has fallen off” or “Please can I have access to these files from my client”.

If this is what you need, click “Create a new Service Request” from the Portal homepage.

If you aren’t sure which one to choose, just choose “Report and Issue” and rather than using a template, click the “New Issue” button in the centre of the page.

Template Categories

Under both Report an Issue and Create a new Service Request there are a number of pre-defined templates to choose from for common problems and services we offer. These are constantly expanding and adapting, so if you notice anything missing, please let us know.


The Tabs Along the Top

• The House always takes you home.
• Requests – This lists any requests you have open, you can come here to see the status of your requests, respond to us if we have asked you a question, ask for an update, or close the request if you no longer require it, or it is fixed.
• Solutions – This is a link to the main knowledge base section.
• AD Self Service – This is a link to the Password Self Service Portal which you have been sent an enrolment for


Live Chat

We have a live chat feature on the portal, although this is not officially being launched along with the Portal, please feel free to utilise its function if you would like. We will reply if we are available.


How do I access the Portal

Although the Portal is not official live until Monday morning, you can actually access it right now and take a look:

• You can access it via this link: http://bbsd01:8080
• You will see an icon on your desktop to this page very soon entitled “IT Services Portal”
• The portal automatically logs you in, so no need to retype your credentials
• Please remember both Portals are only accessible from within a Birchall Blackburn office

Using the New Password Self Service Portal

This new portal allows you to:

• Reset your own forgotten password
• Unlock your account
• Update your password

Simply by providing your username and answering 2 security questions.

You can do this any time you like as long as you are working on a Birchall Blackburn computer within an office. No need to wait for a member of IT.


A new icon to the Portal

Over the next few days a new icon will appear on the desktop of your Thin Client, (next to the icon you click to connect to TSFARM or RDSFARM), called Password Self Service Portal. This is a link to the portal. I apologise if your thin client reboots when this icon is rolled out, I am trying to ensure all are done outside of business hours.

Please be patient if you don’t see the icon straight away, but let me know if you have not received it by next week.



If you double click on that icon the web page will load on the Thin Client and you can use the buttons on the left to reset your password or unlock your account if you are unable to log into the system. You can also login to update your details, or access the IT Services portal to log a request if you are having issues.

Instructions can be found on the right side of the portal web page.



Please log in to the Portal using the link above to enrol or change your security information. Remember you must enrol before you need to use the service!