BBLaw’s founder member of CoPPA plans 2014 conference

Not long ago, the Court of Protection featured heavily in the press, branded as a ‘secret court.’

It was at this crucial time that Rosemary Johns, Associate Solicitor at Birchall Blackburn Law, began to develop and strengthen legal practice. Specifically, the way issues involving people who are too ill to make their own decisions are handled.

Rosemary is a founder member of the Court of Protection Practitioners Association (CoPPA), which aims to develop legal practice around: Mental Capacity, the Court of Protection and Mental Health Law.

Being proactive about industry issues means we can have a voice for our clients. This way, the people most affected are represented when crucial decisions are being made about this complex area of Private Client law .

Eagerly anticipated conference, 17th Sept 2014

His Honour Judge Jonathan Butler will chair CoPPA’s second annual conference on 17th September at the Radisson Blue Edwardian Hotel, Manchester.

A programme of talks on health, welfare, property and affairs is attracting professionals from across the UK. This drives education around the Court of Protection, Mental Health and Mental Capacity issues.

Rosemary helped launch the Court of Protection Practitioners Association (CoPPA)

After consulting with likeminded professionals across the UK in 2012, Rosemary helped harness their enthusiasm to protect and develop legal practice in the field.

Throughout the year, Rosemary and the CoPPA committee organise seminars with high-profile speakers. Topics have ranged from Statutory Wills to recent high profile Court cases. This way, delegates gain an understanding of all perspectives of cases and issues.

As Treasurer of CoPPA’s committee, Rosemary works alongside solicitors, barristers, social workers, financial advisers, Independent Mental Capacity Advocates and Healthcare professionals. Rosemary said:

“I am proud to have been involved in the early years of CoPPA and see it go from strength to strength.”

coPPAAims of CoPPA:

  • Educate everyone involved or interested in the law surrounding the Court of Protection, Mental Health and Mental Capacity issues
  • Create a forum for discussion to represent professionals in the field
  • Protect the efficiency of Courts when in relation to the Court of Protection (England and Wales)
  • Further the understanding and development of the Court of Protection, Mental Capacity and Mental Health Law
  • Develop the conduct of cases in the Court of Protection (England and Wales)

High-profile support since 2013

CoPPA’s launch event was chaired by Senior Judge Denzil Lush, who is a strong supporter of the group’s aims. CoPPA’s 2013 conference was chaired by former District Judge, Gordon Ashton and was opened by the Head of the Court of Protection at the time, Mr Justice Charles.

Mr Charles was later quoted by the Independent online, calling for more Court of Protection cases to be made public.

How you can get involved

Connect with likeminded people: Rosemary runs a thriving LinkedIn group  for anyone involved with, or interested in, CoPPA. Here, over 500 people discuss topical issues to share understanding and raise awareness.

Join CoPPA: For full access to CoPPA’s programme of seminars and conferences throughout the year, membership is just £50.00 per annum.

Learn more and access support

Decisions are continually being made about the way the law is practiced. You get the latest thinking and best practice from our team because we make sure we’re involved at every level.

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