Brain Injury Lawyers help Neurosupport

neurosupportNeurosupport has raised over £3,800 with a good old fashioned high tea and high heels party for more than 100 generous supporters from Liverpool.

Neurosupport, based in Norton Street, held a tea party within the city’s Titanic themed hotel, 30 James Street, as part of its activities to highlight March’s Brain Awareness Week (March 16-22).

The vintage tea party was sponsored by Birchall Blackburn Law and hosted by Liverpool entertainer, actor and comedian, Pauline Daniels, with live music from singer and actor, Steve Fletcher.

Nanette Mellor, CEO of Neurosupport, says: “It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone was so generous. All the work we do relies on the kind support of the public, and companies and organisations like Birchall Blackburn Law. Without their assistance we can’t support thousands of UK people with neurological conditions in desperate need of emotional help, social activities and practical support.

 “We also owe a big thank you to all our amazing volunteers, Pauline Daniels, Steve Fletcher and Williams & Coburn Hair Company, for making the tea party such a great success.

Neurosupport gives practical and emotional help to people with neurological conditions and to their family, friends and carers. The charity also organises social activities, such as craft and art clubs, confidence building courses and maths and English classes. There are a staggering 250 recognised neurological conditions. These can include anything from a stroke or brain haemorrhage to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and can be caused by accident, illness, hereditary or genetic diseases.

Speaking during the tea party, Pauline Daniels said: “I’d encourage anyone to go to the Neurosupport Centre in Norton Street and have a cuppa in the café. Just see what goes on, the good work they do and to listen to the laughter. Everyone knows someone who has dementia, Parkinson’s, or have been in an accident and need vital help from Neurosupport.

Dianne Yates, Partner and Head of Serious and Catastrophic Injury for Birchall Blackburn Law, says: “We’re not just here for the tea and cake. We want people to think about why Birchall Blackburn Law supports events like this and the incredible work that Neurosupport does for vulnerable and isolated people with life changing neurological conditions. What would these people do if they couldn’t go to Neurosupport?”

Neurosupport holds the tea party every year to round-off Brain Awareness Week, a global campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of brain research.

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