Calorie-free Cut-price Coffee Morning for MacMillan Cancer Support

Elaine Roberts, from our Private Client Team, writes about how you can get involved in a rather different MacMillan Coffee Morning!

We’re hosting a very different World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for MacMillan Cancer Support this year.

The event obviously has look very different from our usual bake/buy/eat setup, and many people are feeling the financial pinch at the moment, but cancer is still very much with us so we’ve come up with a great new way to help make a difference to the lives of everyone affected by it.

This year’s event will be our 2020 Calorie-free Cut-price Coffee Morning for MacMillan. “How does that work?”, I hear you ask. Well, read on.


How does it work?
It’s simple … instead of baking/buying/eating cake and giving money in return, simply make a donation of whatever you can spare, no matter how little or large, via my MacMillan donation link below.

Yes … although only if you want it to be! No cake need be involved, but obviously there’s nothing to stop you treating yourself and the family to cake at home if you want to.

Yes … just give whatever fits your current purse! There’ll be no expensive ingredients or ready-made cake to buy, and no constant emails from me encouraging you to get yourself down to the boardroom and spend more money on yet more cake!

Is this a Win-Win situation?
YES! (imho)

When is it?
Now! Officially the last week in September, but feel free to donate at any time, not just during this week!

How do I take part?
If you’re able to make a donation, please use this link to my MacMillan Coffee Morning donations page right HERE!

If you don’t feel able to give at the moment, maybe you can forward the link to family or friends, or just mention MacMillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to at least one other person to raise awareness of this great cause.

Whatever your situation, why not also set aside a quiet moment during the day to look forward to better times … and make a date with next year’s coffee morning for MacMillan Cancer Support when we’ll hopefully return to full-on cake!

Thank you for being amazing.