Careers Convention at Holy Cross High School

On Wednesday 15th January I attended a Careers Convention at Holy Cross High School in Chorley, with  Michelle Corlett a Trainee solicitor and Chris Davis a legal assistant at Birchall Blackburn Law, where we were joined by 50 representatives from other professions and occupations to speak to the Year 9 and Year 11 pupils.

We wanted to give the students a real feel for a career in the legal industry and chatted to them about the different entry levels and opportunities open to them. Not only did we provide information but goodies too and there were prizes for the best question from by a student in each group. The questions were informed and definitely kept us on our toes and we were able to go into greater detail about what employers look for and also the less well known job opportunities in the legal sector.

One memorable group of students were very reluctant to come to speak to us and suspect only came because their teachers shooed them in our direction. But when they heard that one of the partners are Birchall Blackburn Law had started at the firm 18 as an office junior, they became animated and I was left with the feeling that the day had been worthwhile in encouraging pupils who may have had no interest in the law, becoming engaged and even considering it as an achievable option for them.

The most-asked question of the day to each of us was “do you enjoy your job?” or as one student put it “is it boring?”. We all tried answer honestly and told them that whilst  our jobs are often challenging and hard work they are never boring and that if they choose a career in law they would genuinely be able to help people in many ways with the major events in life and  supporting them through difficult personal or business issues.

I must thank Holy Cross School for inviting us to attend what was a brilliantly organised and rewarding event.  Myself and the team felt afterwards that we had learned as much from the students as they learned from us. The children were bright and enthusiastic and unfailing polite. Many thanks to the school’s Year 10 B TEC hospitality group for the excellent lunch.

Birchall Blackburn Law are always there for work experience. Please visit our careers page on the website for more information.