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Collective enfranchisement

What is a collective enfranchisement?

Collective enfranchisement entails a group of leaseholders coming together to buy the freehold of a building. It’s a great way to gain more control over the communal areas of, for example, a block of flats, while reducing ground rent and shopping around for the best insurance.

Our specialist leasehold solicitors can help you plan and submit your application for collective enfranchisement. We can also help you update any poor quality leases and provide independent legal advice.


To qualify for collective enfranchisement you must make sure enough people want to participate in the claim. There are also a few more requirements you, as a group, need to meet:

  • A minimum of two-thirds of the flats should be owned by qualifying leaseholders
  • A minimum of 50% of the qualifying tenants in the building must participate in the collective enfranchisement
  • To be a qualifying tenant you must hold a lease that was granted for at least 21 years

The building itself must also meet a few requirements:

  • The building must be self-contained or part of the building must be self-contained
  • There must be at least two flats in the building
  • Non-residential use of the internal area must only account for 25% of the building (e.g. shops, charities, other businesses, etc)

When is the right time for us to buy the freehold as a group?

Collective enfranchisement of an apartment block could be right for you and the other leaseholders if:

  • You have the finances to go ahead with the purchase
  • The current freeholder is overcharging you for service charges and ground rent (you won’t usually have to pay ground rent if you purchase the freehold)
  • You want to be able to choose the best deals (e.g. cleaners, handymen, insurance, etc)
  • You and the other leaseholders don’t like the way the freeholder runs the building (e.g. poor maintenance of communal areas)
  • You believe you will work well with the other leaseholders to manage the freehold
  • You want to extend your lease to 999 years without any additional costs (except the necessary legal fees)

How much is it to purchase a freehold?

To calculate the costs of purchasing the freehold in a collective enfranchisement you’ll need to work out the purchase price of the entire freehold, surveyor costs and stamp duty land tax. You can divide these costs with the other participating leaseholders.

You will need a valuer to assist with the purchase price for the freehold and we can assist you in locating a valuer if required.

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