Compensation for brain injury due to medical negligence

Boy who suffered brain damage at birth awarded £13 million compensation

Shortly after his birth 11 years ago, a baby boy’s blood sugar levels became abnormally low. This is not unusual in new-borns who are unable to feed well – hospital staff simply test the amount of sugar in the blood and usually treat low levels with dextrose.

In this case, the boy’s low blood sugar levels were not dealt with. Walsall Manor Hospital, West Midlands, have expressed their “deep regret” that the boy did not receive the care he deserved.

Child brain injury: the 11 year old boy has the mind of a six year old due to clinical negligence

The untreated low blood sugar levels left the boy with severe learning and behavioural difficulties. He is blind, has speech problems and the left side of his body is weak.

Despite the problems he suffers from, the boy’s mother said:

He is an incredibly happy and lovely boy.

His mind has been deemed unlikely to develop beyond that of a six year old. He will need constant care throughout his life and will be unable to work when he is older.

The compensation awarded takes the form of an immediate payment of £1.45 million, followed by annual payments of fixed amounts, increasing as he gets older. Further payments will be made to cover occupational and physical therapy, loss of earnings and holiday costs.

Dianne Yates is a partner at Birchall Blackburn Law and a Serious and Catastrophic Injury specialist with over 20 years’ experience. She said:
The failure of the hospital to provide the expected standard of care has caused life-changing injuries to the boy. A compensation payment of this nature cannot give him back his quality of life, but it allows his family to provide for him.
“In cases such as this, it is important that the family have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that as he gets older, he will always be able to have access to the care and treatment that he needs.”

The Judge in the case was told that approximately £13 million would be paid out during the boy’s lifetime. He is expected to live to around the age of 80 years old.

When there are complications surrounding a baby’s birth or the first few days of their lives, it is comforting to know that mum and baby are in the safest place – in hospital. In the rare cases where medical staff fail to provide the level of care you would expect, the consequences can be devastating for the victim and their family.

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