Can I complete on a Saturday or Sunday?

Unfortunately not.  Completion money needs to be sent via a bank transfer payment, and therefore enquires the banks to be open.  As most banks are not open all day Saturday or at all on a Sunday, this is not possible.  In addition, most law firms are closed on a Saturday and Sunday.  Completion must therefore take place between Monday and Friday.

How and when do I collect the keys to my new property?

In most cases, the Seller will pass the keys to the estate agent, and their solicitor will authorise them to release them once completion has taken place.  You should check with the estate agents if they are holding  the keys so that you can collect them once completion has taken place.  If there is no estate agent, you should make arrangements directly with the seller.

How long will it take?

We usually estimate  6 to 8 weeks.  However, this is only an estimate of an average transaction.  Even if you are ready to move as soon as possible, the length of time will depend on a number of factors including the following:

  • Whether there are any issues revealed by the searches or title investigation that are unexpected and require further investigation
  • Whether you are purchasing with a mortgage and how long it takes them to approve your application. Your mortgage lender will also need to be advised of any potential issues or risks and will need to confirm they are happy to proceed before you can go ahead.
  • Whether you are in a chain, and if so, the number of parties in the chain.
  • Whether there is somebody in the chain who does not want (or is unable) to complete as quickly.
  • Whether there are any issues with the transactions further down the chain

Depending on the above, the transaction could take a shorter or longer time than the estimate.

When should I book my removal company?

We do not usually recommend you to book any removal company until after you have exchanged contracts.  Even if a date has been agreed, this is not set in stone until exchange of contracts, and any party can change their mind.  If you have to cancel or change the date, your removal company may charge you.

When do I pay my deposit and how much do I need to pay?

In order to exchange contracts, you will normally need to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price.  This is normally payable to your conveyancer before you can exchange contracts.

Sometimes it will be possible to agree a lower amount. You should let your conveyancer know as soon as possible if you do not have a 10% deposit available. Even if a deposit of less than 10% is paid on exchange of contracts, if you are late in completing your purchase the difference between 10% of the price and the lower deposit paid will become immediately payable.

The total amount required from you will depend on if you are purchasing with a mortgage, and if so, how much you are borrowing.  If you are paying over 10%, the balance will be requested from you prior to completion.

When do I have to pay legal fees?

We usually request a small amount of money upfront in order to pay for any disbursements (e.g. searches) which are required in advance.  Our legal fees and any other disbursements are usually payable before completion.  We will provide you with a completion statement at this stage which sets out a breakdown of the full amount payable.

Conveyancing process