Ditching your New Year’s Resolutions

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

So today is national ‘ditch your new year’s resolutions’ day. How are you doing? Is your dry January or Veganuary going well? Or has your hitting the gym 5 times a week gone out the window already?

Many times we make resolutions when we’re feeling motivated, but struggle to stay the course as our motivation runs drier than our January. However, not every new year’s resolution you make needs you to have staying power. There is plenty you can do to secure yours and your family’s future in only two appointments with your solicitor.

Making a Will

Well one thing that you don’t need any continued motivation for is making a Will. It will likely take two appointments with your solicitor, and then that’s it. Think how relieved and secure you’ll feel in the knowledge that all of your finances and living arrangements are taken care of and your family’s future is secured.

Wills Weeks

And if you want to feel even better about making your Will, why not support a local charity when your solicitors takes part in a Wills Week? Every year in November Birchall Blackburn Law takes part in St Catherine’s Hospice in Preston’s Wills Week, and in April we take part in Queenscourt Hospice Wills Month in Southport.

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

Another thing you can do to ensure your future goes as you’ve planned is to is to put an LPA in place. There are two different types: a health and welfare LPA and a property and finances one. Both concentrate on different areas of your life and come into play if you were to lack capacity to make decisions about your own life in the future. The separate documents will ensure that your wishes are carried out and you will be cared for where you wish and your finances will be taken care of how you have instructed. Like a will, it should only take two appointments to create your LPA. This will leave you safe in the knowledge that any bills and mortgage are paid and life goes on.


For more information, please speak to one of our expert team who will be happy to advise you and help you get the appropriate documents in place to give you peace of mind for the future. Call us on: 0800 614 722.