Do I have to give my engagement ring back after divorce?

Do you have to give back the engagement ring?

When you give someone an engagement ring, it’s a promise of forever. But what happens if forever doesn’t pan out?

Engagement rings are increasingly more and more expensive. So what happens if the wedding is called off or in the event of divorce? Who actually legally owns the ring?

Engagement rings can cost thousands of pounds and are therefore potentially a very valuable asset. So it is understandable that you might want it back. But can you actually ask for it back?

Under UK law, when you give someone an engagement ring, you are doing so as a gift and it is assumed that the receiver is able to keep the ring. So the short answer is no, you are not automatically entitled to it back.

However, the only exception to this is if the ring was given with the expectation that if the wedding did not take place for whatever reason, or in the event of a future divorce, then the ring would be returned. An example may be that the ring was a family heirloom. otherwise,this is hard to prove, so unless there was some form of an agreement, then it is not expected to be returned.

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