Do I need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything?

Do I need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything?

It is not unheard of for a marriage to have broken down and for both parties to agree that divorce is the best choice. You may wonder if you need an expert divorce lawyer to assist you through the divorce process.

Whilst it is not set in stone that you must instruct a lawyer to assist you throughout your divorce, doing so ensures that the process is completed correctly and that all matters between you and your spouse are finalised.

What are the benefits of instructing a family law solicitor?

If you are the person starting divorce proceedings, you will be known as the ‘Petitioner’. The Petitioner carries out most of the work during the divorce process.

It will be the Petitioner’s role to complete the required Court documents – if these aren’t completed correctly they can be rejected by the Court, delaying divorce proceedings.

If you instruct an expert divorce solicitor, you can make sure all of your divorce papers are correctly completed, avoiding unnecessary delay, without having to spend your own time reading through the documents yourself; this will all be done by your divorce solicitor.

If you are not the one starting divorce proceedings, you will be known as the ‘Respondent’.

Once all divorce papers have been received by you after being issued by the Court, you must complete these forms correctly to confirm you have received them and whether or not you wish to contest the divorce.

Again, if these forms aren’t completed correctly, your response may be rejected by the Court causing a delay. If you instruct a divorce solicitor, they can complete these forms on your behalf and also advise on the contents of the petition to ensure you know what needs to be done before proceeding.

What can a divorce solicitor do for me?

Divorce is a process that only ends your marriage contract with your spouse; it does not resolve any financial matters, child arrangements or property disputes that may arise. Even if you and your spouse agree that you want a divorce, these issues may not be straight forward as concerns can arise about your children and assets at any point.

At Birchall Blackburn Law, we will assist you with all of these matters, and advise you on how to take the best course of action for your specific needs.

Our Family Law team offer the following services to assist you with your divorce:

    • Alternatives to Court

Many couples going through a divorce usually want to avoid going to Court to settle disputes or arguments.

The best alternative is for both parties to have their own appointed expert family law solicitor to be by their side through divorce proceedings to ensure your wants and needs are heard.

    • Children Disputes

When dealing with matters as important as your children, it is essential to use a family lawyer who specialises in the law relating to the Children’s Act.

Birchall Blackburn Law deals with all aspects of children disputes, including Child Arrangement Orders, Child Maintenance, Special Guardianship Orders, Children’s Rights, Adoptions and Paternity issues.

    • Financial & Property Disputes

Divorce can be a difficult time for everyone involved, and in the midst of it, you will need to make decisions about how your money, property, and other assets should be divided.

To make these decisions, you will need a legal expert to guide you through the processes and to make sure that your interests are preserved.

Birchall Blackburn Law provides advice from a dedicated team of family law experts with the experience and technical knowledge to place us at the forefront of the area of family law.

As a member of Resolution and the Law Society’s Family Law Panel, we will use our expertise and experience in negotiation, Court applications, and hearings to get the best possible result for you.

Birchall Blackburn Law offers a free 20-minute initial consultation, as well as a fixed-fee initial appointment, during which we will assess your circumstances. To make an enquiry, call us on 0800 614 722 or send an email to

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