Dot’s advice on leftover Easter Eggs

Dot is enjoying herself now that the weather is getting warmer as it’s kinder to her arthritis. She’s been out enjoying a nice lounge in the freshly cut grass.

While Easter is a time of copious amounts of chocolate for most of us, it’s important to remember that if left in easy reach of dogs, chocolate can be very harmful and potentially life threatening. So if you’ve still got eggs piled high at home, there’s some things you should consider…

The reason chocolate eggs can be so harmful is because chocolate contains cocoa which consists of the compound theobromine. Theobromine is toxic to dogs and also some other pets at certain doses. It can make them very sick. Chocolate poisoning is a problem that occurs predominantly in dogs, but can also occasionally occur in cats and other animals.

It is important to protect your pooches at this time of year by ensuring that any chocolate is kept away from them. Also be careful to keep an eye on any children with chocolate, as they are likely to be holding it at dog’s height or could drop some which your dog could then sniff out and eat.

If you fear your dog has eaten some, then take them straight to the vet. Don’t try and make them sick yourself at home, as some methods can cause further danger to your dog and their oesophagus, so it is important to let a professional help your dog.

So we hope you and your dog had a Great Easter, and if you do have any eggs left, you get to scoff them all and not your dog!


There’s some more, helpful information in this video below, posted by the BBC:

Vet warns of dangers of Easter chocolate for dogs