Equality and diversity

Encouraging equality of opportunity and respect for diversity

Birchall Blackburn Law recognises the challenges faced by people from minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds looking for opportunities to enter the legal profession. The firm has never selected staff based on factors such as age, gender or ethnic origin. We believe that in order to offer the best service, we need the best people. That is the only philosophy that drives our recruitment.

In recent years, we have broadened our recruitment strategy, to maximise the potential for finding the best candidates. This is best demonstrated by the change to a more open approach to recruiting Trainee Solicitors. They are the future of the profession and we want to find the best, whatever their background.

We acknowledge that we could do more, and we are developing strategies to actively encourage people into the firm who might not get a chance through more traditional routes.

We have recently engaged in a survey to learn more about the diversity of our staff. The data is currently being analysed and we will report the results soon.