Michael Foxford


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T: 0161 238 5609

Residential Property – Manchester

With 24 years experience as a practising Solicitor, I joined the firm in 1989. My area of expertise includes residential conveyancing, commercial property and business advice.

Qualifications and professional achievements: LLB (Hons)

How did you end up working for a law firm? Doing a law degree was fantastic, but I didn’t want to be a lawyer when I graduated, so I avoided it for a couple of years, working in a warehouse, as a ‘street cleansing operative’, for a painter and decorator and then as a motorcycle courier. Eventually, I was persuaded by three formidable women (my mother, future wife and future mother-in-law) to get a ‘proper job’.

Unusual fact: I’ve done a mini triathlon and got an A* GCSE in Spanish a few years ago.

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