Firework Safety this New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year 2019

I don’t know about you, but we’re very excited for the start of 2019 and the celebration of the New Year!

New Year’s Eve parties, friends, a drink or two and some fireworks are all excellent ways to welcome in 2019. You just need to ensure that you are staying safe if you are planning on setting off fireworks or you are attending a party where there will be some.

Keep your distance from fireworks

Fireworks are a favourite for many. Some of the best firework displays are professionally organised by local or city councils. These are ordinarily ticketed events and have a great atmosphere with a lot of organisation and safety measures already in place.

However, some people like to host their own backyard firework displays. If you are thinking of doing this or attending one, then you should keep your distance from where the fireworks are being ignited. Always make sure children are well away from the area.

Only one person should be in charge of setting up and setting off the fireworks. All set up and preparations should be done in advance and in daylight. The person responsible for the fireworks should be a sober adult. They should not consume any alcohol until all fireworks have been discharged.

If this person is you, make sure that you read the instructions and that you have appropriate supports and launches if you are setting off catherine wheels.

New Year 2019

Buying fireworks

All fireworks you use should be legally bought from a reputable retailer. Fireworks bought elsewhere, or made by hand cannot be guaranteed to be safe.

You should also only ever light one firework at a time and you should never attempt to relight a dud firework.

After your event, make sure that you soak your used fireworks in a bucket of water overnight before disposing of them in the household waste bin.

The UK fire service advise that you should always ensure that the fireworks you buy are from a reputable shop and that they conform to British Standards. You can check this as they should have BS 7114 written on the box.

Keep your pets and animals safe

Loud bangs are not cats and dogs favourite things. So stay out of the dog house by keeping them in yours! Make sure your pets are safe inside when you know there are going to be fireworks let off near you.