Foreign Property

Buying residential property in overseas countries is complex and fraught with potentially ruinous legal pitfalls.

You have to contend with unfamiliar laws and procedures, different requirements and customs, language barriers, and sometimes dishonest practises and fraud.

So it’s essential to take legal advice from our friendly specialists, who thoroughly understand the intricacies of overseas property transactions, as well as the particular needs and concerns of our clients.

What services do we offer?

  • Purchase of foreign properties.
  • Checking, amending and approving contract, title and other local issues.
  • Conducting searches.
  • Coordinating completions.
  • Arranging power of attorney and local representation if necessary.
  • Title registrations.
  • Advising on wills, inheritance and other local taxes.
  • Assisting with foreign commercial acquisitions and legalities of foreign property sales.