Free Legal Advice

At Birchall Blackburn Law we appreciate that sometimes, the hardest part of seeking legal advice is taking that first step.

That first meeting with a lawyer is seen by many as quite scary.

Will it cost me anything to speak to someone initially about the help I need? If I do speak to someone, will I then feel pressured into signing anything?

Well, it needn’t be that way.

So at Birchall Blackburn Law we offer FREE initial legal advice where you can speak to one of our members of staff in person or over the phone about the help you need. We’ll happily give you some initial guidance absolutely free of charge and you will be under NO OBLIGATION or pressure to use us if you feel we’re not right for you.


To make an appointment which will last around 20 minutes, or to speak to one of our law specialists, please email us or telephone on 0800 614 722, or from our mobile friendly number on 0333 321 2192