GB Paraclimber Dave Bowes on the new season and pink boxers

The new climbing season starts in earnest for members of the GB Paraclimbing Team this month. Before they packed their bags and set off for Imst in Austria for the first IFSC international competition of the season (July 8-9), we grabbed five minutes with members of the team to talk about the season ahead.

First up is Dave Bowes, a 16-year climbing veteran who has been British Paraclimbing Champion, ranked second in Europe and fourth in the World, and even earned a place on the able bodied GB Ice Climbing Team.


How has your training gone over the summer? Did you have any particular training focus for the coming season (e.g. strength, stamina, technique)?

I’m feeling very strong at the moment having changed diet and increased my workload. My focus this year is on increasing stamina. Working on my camper van is keeping me fit in between training sessions too.

What are you hoping to achieve by the end of this para-climbing season?

To get my van finished! Hopefully before I head out to Europe next week!

Which particular events, climbs or competitions are you looking forward to this season?

I’m looking forward to two weeks in Magic Wood (a bouldering paradise in Switzerland) in between the two European rounds.

What is going to be the hardest part of the season?

Sharing a van with two Phil’s for a month!

What music will you be listening too while warming up or relaxing during competitions?

I often listen to a Thai band called ‘Job 2 Do’. It takes me back to my favourite place in the world, very chilled out and relaxed. I can feel the worry and panic simply fizzle away.

Do you have any superstitions, rituals or lucky underpants you have to go through before a climbing competition?

I always wear pink boxers and brightly mismatching socks, I reckon it puts the competition off their game.

You can follow Dave’s progress throughout the season on his Twitter @bowesdave and Instagram @bowesdave accounts.

Birchall Blackburn Law is proud to sponsor the GB Paraclimbing Team, which means the team can compete in a number of international competitions this season, including the all-important World Championships.