GB Paraclimber John Churcher is keeping an eye on fingers and shoes this season

The new climbing season starts in earnest for members of the GB Paraclimbing Team this month. Before they set off for Imst in Austria for the first IFSC international competition of the season (July 8-9), we grabbed a few minutes with members of the team to talk about the season ahead.

John Churcher, from Birmingham, has been climbing for six years. He got the climbing bug when a friend invited him along to try out on an indoor climbing wall – and has since successful climber The Eiger, West Flank!


How has your training gone over the summer? Did you have any particular training focus for the coming season (e.g. strength, stamina, technique)?

Training has gone well. I have been focussing on my finger strength and have learnt from painful experience that the best way to avoid finger injury is by limiting the repetitive movements in a training session.

What are you hoping to achieve by the end of this para-climbing season?

Fame and fortune, but content to still be enjoying my climbing.

Which particular events, climbs or competitions are you looking forward to this season?

The International competition in Briançon, France, as it is held at a venue that I have not climbed before.

What music will you be listening too while warming up or relaxing during competitions?

Sorry, I don’t listen to music at these times!

Do you have any superstitions, rituals or lucky underpants you have to go through before a climbing competition?

Check, check and check again that I have my climbing shoes.

You can follow John’s adventures throughout the season on Facebook @johnchurcherparaclimber, Twitter @jcchurcher and Instagram @jcchurcher.

Birchall Blackburn Law is proud to sponsor the GB Paraclimbing Team, which means the team can compete in a number of international competitions this season, including the all-important World Championships.