GB Paraclimber John Churcher talks strengths, weaknesses and dancing

John ChurcherIn the run up to the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships, September 14-18, we are profiling the GB Paraclimbing Team who have been training all year to be in a strong position to challenge for a podium place at the Paris event.

Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Birchall Blackburn Law, the GB paraclimbing team is able to compete in a number of international competitions this year, including the all-important World Championships.

John Churcher, aged 43, is from Birmingham and has been climbing for six years. He got the rock bug when a friend invited him along to try out on an indoor climbing wall.




What is your proudest moment? 

Climbing the Eiger.

What is the toughest lesson you have learned? 

No money, no competition.

What are your goals for the future? 

To inspire other Paraclimbers.

What are your strengths? 

Commitment and will-power.

What are your weaknesses? 

Being impatient.

What other sport would you like to try if climbing did not exist and why?

I would probably do running, because of my competitive nature.

If you had to eat the same meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Beef burger and chips.

What was the last thing you watched on TV and why?

The Olympics because I am envious of their opportunity and respect their commitment.

What do you sing in the shower/on car journeys?

Definitely do not sing, because my singing is as bad as my dancing!

Which member of the GB Paraclimbing team talks the most and what do they talk about? 

Phil Mitchell, talks a lot about… climbing!

If you could rescue one possession from your burning home what would it be and why? 

My iphone, but it’s never far from me anyway.