General Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute – you need to take action against someone, or someone is threatening to sue you – and the issue doesn’t seem to fit any of the titles you find when you’re trying to find a solicitor (negligence, personal injury, landlord & tenant, etc) then you need a general litigator.

General litigators are the GPs of the legal world, knowing enough about many types of legal complaint to help and advise you, but also knowing when and where to get you specialist help when you need it along the way – whether that’s from one of our many lawyers working in other parts of the firm, or working with an experienced barrister for specialist advice.

No two problems are alike, so an ability to analyse and problem-solve in this very diverse area of law is essential if legal action is to be successful.

Our team of approachable, experienced experts will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of the proceedings, while providing straightforward advice and highly effective representation.

We will carry out a detailed assessment of the claim or defence and will give you pragmatic advice on how to proceed. We will provide representation in court hearing and/or at mediation or negotiation meetings.

Why go to Birchall Blackburn Law for general disputes?

We are a friendly, straight-talking law firm with an impressive track record of delivering excellent results for many satisfied clients.

In the course of our work we have seen similar problems from many different angles and can call on specialist expertise to resolve most cases cost effectively and as swiftly as possible.

How much do general dispute services cost?

The cost varies depending on what is involved and the work required. We offer a one hour fixed fee initial appointment during which we will assess your circumstances. We will then explain the costs involved and give you information about the funding options available to you.

If you choose to fund the work privately, we may be able to offer a fixed fee service for relatively straightforward matters. In more complicated cases, we offer flexible payment arrangements and will always provide a detailed cost estimate in writing at the outset. We will update you regularly and help you to budget.

A Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win, no fee’ arrangement) may also be available.

Other private client services

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