How much can I claim for a motorcycle collision?

Motorbike on the road

Unfortunately, road traffic collisions do happen but motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than the drivers of cars, vans and lorries for the following reasons:

  1. Motorcyclists are far less likely to be seen as they approach a junction or even just another vehicle. This is so common that the acronym “SMIDSY” is in common use as shorthand for the “sorry mate I didn’t see you” excuse so often offered.
  2. The fact they are on two wheels rather than four means that the slightest impact or force will cause them to lose balance and fall off.
  3. Once the motorcyclist is off their bike they have very little to protect them from direct impact with other vehicles, the road surface, buildings and trees at the side of the road. Although motorcyclists wear protective gear, they are still not protected in the same way car drivers are.

The combination of these factors means that motorcyclists suffer the highest  death or serious injury rate compared to all other road users with the exception of pedestrians (also referred to as Killed or Seriously Injured “KSI”).

The amount of compensation awarded following a motorcycle collision will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • If the motorcyclist was killed, did they have a partner or children?
  • Severity of physical injuries
  • Severity of psychological trauma
  • Rehabilitation needed
  • Medical expenses as a result of the injury
  • Impact on earnings (losses already suffered and future loss of earnings)
  • Future care / equipment required

Birchall Blackburn Law has and will continue to recover millions of pounds in compensation when motorcyclists are killed or injured. The most severe motorcycle injury cases often can lead to millions of pounds as single awards of compensation. Our primary aim is to help injury victims and their families to regain the confidence, independence and quality of life which is as close as possible to what they enjoyed before the death or injury.

What will I get?

One of the very first things we do is to assess your immediate needs. This might include any financial obligations you need to meet (such as mortgages, utility bills and debts), rehabilitation needs, medical expenses, any government benefits you may be entitled to and so on.

In those tragic cases of fatality we always try to secure an early repayment of funeral expenses

We use our professional network of experts such as doctors, nurses, psychotherapists and case managers to make sure you get everything you need, when you need it. We also provide access to full legal services you may need – including wills, power of attorney, probate and conveyancing for property adaptations.

If you have been injured by an uninsured or untraceable driver then we can also help you apply for financial assistance through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

A word from our expert…

Rob Jones, our Serious & Catastrophic Injury Associate Solicitor explains, “When someone is killed or seriously injured in a collision on the road, the suffering and difficulties start immediately. As soon as you are able to face doing it, it is sensible to contact an experienced  Solicitor who is recognised as being skilled at handling serious injury claims. The sooner you contact a solicitor, the sooner the solicitor can start the ball rolling by notifying the drivers insurers, liaising with the police, obtaining evidence and looking at the quickest way of getting you any support you need whether that is an interim payment or private medical care.”

“In common with my colleagues at Birchall Blackburn Law, I have many year’s experience of acting for clients in such cases and have been accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) so you can be confident of a great service.”

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