I’ve been injured in an accident – what now? Ask the Expert.

If you have been injured in an accident and it impacts on your daily life, then you need to know what steps to take next. Head of personal injury at Birchall Blackburn Law, Quentin Underhill, looks at the questions frequently asked by people looking to get their life back on track. 

I was involved in an accident; how soon should I seek legal advice?

There is a statutory time limit of three years after the date of your accident, in some cases even less, but seeking legal advice early could dramatically improve the long-term outcome for you and your family.

 If you seek legal advice soon after the accident your legal team can act quickly and may be able to secure interim payments for you to meet any financial obligations. By securing early financial assistance your solicitor couldalso help with fast access to specialist rehabilitation support and equipment if needed.

There are so many firms, how do I choose a solicitor?

In some cases, a personal injury case can take three or four years to settle, so it’s important that you choose a solicitor you trust. It’s also important to check that your solicitor is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). These solicitors are specialists in personal injury and are required to follow a strict code of conduct.

With so many firms to choose from, you should speak to a few different solicitors to make sure you are comfortable with your choice. A good solicitor will initially provide free and confidential advice with no obligation to progress. Take this opportunity to test their experience. Do they listen, make you feel at ease and would you trust them to represent you?


I don’t know who should be helping with my recovery, can a solicitor help?

The impact of a serious injury can be overwhelming to both you and your family. Specialist treatment, housing adaptations and being off work are things that you probably haven’t thought about before.

Your personal injury solicitor will have years of experience in these lifestyle changes and will already be working with a professional network of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and case managers who are dedicated to making life better for you and your family.


What if I can’t afford specialist treatment?

Every case is individual and your path to recovery is unique to you. Your personal injury solicitor will work to understand your medical needs before identifying the costs and working to secure the funds that are associated with your rehabilitation. Your specialist solicitor should also assist in an application for government benefits if suitable.

Financial compensation is only part of the process to recovery and although some people do recover fully, others do suffer from long-term problems. Many people need a total service solution including care, rehabilitation, vocational training, housing adaptation, assistive technology and specialist financial support.


Serious injuries are deeply upsetting, and life-changing events and cases may take years to conclude. Expertise in this niche area of law is vital. We have a specialist team at Birchall Blackburn Law which ensure that all our serious injury clients are treated with the professionalism, understanding and compassion they deserve.

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