It is no laughing matter…Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership in Manchester

It is no laughing matter…comedian Caroline Aherne supports launch of Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership in Manchester.

On Thursday 26th June 2014, comedian Caroline Aherne spoke to over 170 cancer patients,  health care professionals and carers at an event at Manchester  Town Hall.  She spoke at the launch of a partnership which has been set up to improve cancer care in Manchester. Caroline is battling a rare type of genetic lung cancer and she appealed to other people in Manchester, who are also battling cancer, to get involved in this scheme.

NHS Cancer Care via:

Image from Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups’ document on the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership

The £3.45 million scheme, is a partnership of all cancer care providers in Manchester including  Macmillan Cancer Support; the Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups; GPs; NHS Hospital Trusts; St Ann’s Hospice;Manchester City Council and most importantly those suffering from or who are affected by cancer.  Caroline praised the tremendous cancer care providers in the city for the care she has received and explained that the reason for the formation of the Partnership was “because all the partners recognise that the whole cancer care system is fragmented meaning that people do fall through the cracks. It is truly shocking to learn that Manchester came bottom out of 150 areas in England for premature deaths from cancer.”

Clinical workshops will now be held. so that the leading cancer specialists can take notice of patient concerns and work together to improve cancer care.  This partnership is focusing on improving care and coordination in the diagnosis and treatment of lung and breast cancer.  The lung cancer workshops will focus on early diagnosis, care coordination, surgical resection rates and raising awareness.

Helen Bradley, of Birchall Blackburn Law, currently assists many clients who suffer from lung cancer. Exposure to asbestos can cause both lung cancer and mesothelioma (a deadly form of cancer most commonly affecting the lining of the lungs).

Helen comments

“It is wonderful that people in Manchester are joining the medical professionals to endeavour to provide a more cohesive diagnosis and care journey for people suffering from cancer. Caroline Aherne has spoken of her gratitude towards her Macmillan “angel”, cancer nurse who has provided her with invaluable support throughout her illness. I hear first hand from my clients about the amazing work done by Macmillan and the care they have received from the Macmillian Nurses. I strongly agree with the Chief Executive of Macmillan, Ciaran Devane who has spoke of Caroline’s generous spirit at sacrificing her privacy at this difficult time to help make things better for people in Manchester who are affected by cancer. It is a very positive step for the people of Manchester that this Partnership has been formed.”

Source:  NHS ‘Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups’ webpage and NHS document on the Manchester Cancer Improvement Programme