Lawyers from Birchall Blackburn Law meet top Judge

Lawyers from the Commercial Disputes and Industrial Disease teams at Birchall Blackburn Law, attended a unique Q & A  session with the 2nd most senior Judge in England and Wales, Lord Dyson on Friday 28 February 2014, held at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

This event was attended by over 200 Lawyers, who shared their concerns about recent changes to the legal system. Many felt that recent changes to the legal system could affect access to justice for the ordinary person and that the new rules were overly draconian and the penalties were disproportionate to the actual default.  Lawyers raised examples of cases that were struck out for small, easily corrected errors in court forms.

Although, Lord Dyson began by praising the Manchester Civil Justice Centre saying that it was “second to none in the country”,  and said there were no “no-go areas” for discussion,  he advised that change was inevitable and that a period of uncertainty would continue.

Whilst his comments did not give those present much comfort that their concerns were being taken into account, overall it was a useful experience to at least have a forum to bring these concerns onto a public platform.