Lifting Accidents (Manual Handling Claims)

Every year billions of pounds and thousands of man hours are lost as a result of people suffering back injuries at work.

The main cause: lifting injuries.

Lifting injuries are generally caused because the object being lifted is:

  • too heavy or
  • an awkward shape

or because:

  • its weight shifts whilst it is being carried
  • there is too little space to manoeuvre to pick the item up safely
  • no training has been given on how to safely lift
  • or a combination of two or more of these.

Why go to Birchall Blackburn Law?

Our specialist solicitors and claims handlers not only understand the law and your rights as an employee but also understand that you might need more immediate help than just compensation in a few months time.

We will work hard to get you interim payments to cover wage loss for periods of absence and the cost of private rehabilitative treatment such as physiotherapy to get you back your feet and back to work as quickly as possible.

Our teams of specialists include solicitors who are skilled in dealing with serious or catastrophic injury and the impact that this can have on your ability to work in the future and any needs you might have for further care and on-going medical treatment.

They will be able to decipher very quickly what you are entitled to and then be prepared to fight for this on your behalf.

If you feel that you job may be in jeopardy because of your inability to work, or simply because you are considering making a claim, our experienced lawyers will be able to offer sensible practical advice to you to put your mind at ease.

We can organise home visits wherever you are in the country to come and talk you through legal paper work and the claims process.

It’s bad enough if you have to suffer the stress of being involved in an accident. By using Birchall Blackburn Law you won’t increase that stress further in the way that may well happen if you go to an impersonal law firm ‘attached’ to a large insurance company with a tendency to treat you and your claim as if it were no more than a number.