Lifting me higher…

Manual Handling injuries , simplistically accidents occurring when moving  something at work, can include strains and sprains and other injuries  from lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling a load.

They are unfortunately  quite common. Statistics show that in 2013 1.6 million working days were lost in the UK due to handling injuries, with an average number of days lost per each individual incident being estimated at 10.8 days. In years gone by these figures would have been much higher,  especially  in more industrial times.

However the introduction of the ‘Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992’ set out a specific requirement to employers and employees to reduce the risks of injuries from manual handling as far as reasonably practicable.

Loads don’t have to be that heavy to put you at risk of injury, they can sometimes be a strange shape or size so are harder to move safely. For example a sack with a loose/ moveable load inside like potatoes perhaps, or maybe a large window frame.  However this list could be endless depending on what line of work you are involved in.

The Manual Handling Regulations require  employers  to consider all their processes and procedures and risk assess them and to put in place practices to eliminate accidents occurring. Relevant training should be provided to employees on an ongoing basis.

Sadly however accidents do still occur (as highlighted by the above statistics) when risks are not assessed properly or at all and any accident needs to be investigated to see if an employer is responsible, either partly or in full .

You should not worry about enquiring if an accident has any prospects of being successful, however minor the incident. Also all employers are legally obliged to have insurance in place for such eventualities so won’t be paying out any compensation themselves directly ,if you were worried about this.

Should you have suffered an accident of this nature or any other accident at work generally within the last three years we would be happy to discuss it with you in more detail. Our free-phone contact number is 0800 614722.

Jackie Wilson – Higher and Higher