Lockdown Life: Mario Kart, Marigolds and Making Time For Yourself

To keep everyone’s spirits up during hard times, our staff are giving you their best tips on how to keep a good work/life balance, their favourite hobbies, best tips for staying in touch with loved ones and much more.

We’re back again with our next volunteer, Leanne, Partner in our Serious Injury team, with her very best tips (spoiler – they’re very good!)Leanne Tattam

👐Wash your hands properly, clean down surfaces with antibacterial spay and wipe door handles but then relax, your home is you safe haven!

🌳You don’t have to stay cooped up in your house 24 hours a day, take advantage of exercising once a day outside. If you are worried about touching something and picking up the virus that way wear rubber gloves – I have seen people walking around in marigolds.

☀️ If the weather is nice read a book in the garden or by a window where you can let some fresh air in – it’s almost like being on holiday.

💻If you are working from home do just that – work brings a great sense of normality to these very strange times but beware of falling into the trap of just working! Do a day, a normal day but then stop, make tea and do something else in the evening.

📺Watch something funny on TV – yes keep up with the news but don’t just watch programmes about the coronavirus outbreak – it will only increase anxiety! I can definitely recommend Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for a light-hearted take on the news, Belgravia for any Downton Abbey fans and if you have Netflix this is a great time to get lost in The Crown!

🎮Go back to your childhood – it’s fun! Courtesy of my partner we currently have a Nintendo from which I am learning the joys of Super Mario Kart, Mario World and Zelda!

🏋️There’s plenty of exercises you can do at home or if you are a runner go for a run, if not but have access to YouTube there’s loads of 10,15 and 20 minute full body workouts available on there which will tire you out and stop you feeling like you are becoming at one with the sofa!

📞Talk to friends and family lots whether it be by phone, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom! Video calling is a great way to see people and whilst it doesn’t replace going round for dinner with them it is better than just a phone call so make use of the technology we have.

👩‍⚕️We are going to be in this boat for some time but remember we are all in together and if we can look after ourselves it gives our wonderful NHS staff the chance to look after those who really need it. Have a some fun and stay safe.

We want to know your best tips for working from home, staying in touch with loved ones and anything else you’d like to share during this time. Get in touch with the Marketing team at marketing@birchallblackburn.co.uk to let us know.