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Medical negligence 

Medical negligence is a serious breach of the duty of care that doctors, nurses and medical professionals ethically and legally owe to their patients. It happens when serious errors in a person’s medical diagnosis or treatment are made. The breach of care will have caused, or materially contributed to, a person’s injury. During even outline medical consultations and procedures, mistakes can be made in busy, underfunded, under experienced and short staffed clinical units. However, negligence by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals is more common in the following areas:

– Bowel, colon and bladder operations
– Head and brain traumas
– Spinal and back procedures
– Misdiagnosis
– Delays in treatment
– Mistaken prescriptions
– Problems during pregnancy
– Birth injuries
– Missed broken bones
– Hospital infections
– Pressure sores
– A&E failures
– General surgical errors

The aftermath of clinical negligence can be devastating. There will be physical and emotional difficulties for the person affected – and their family and friends – to overcome. They will need support to get answers and to cope with the consequences of the medical mistreatment. In very serious cases, they will need help to rebuild their entire life.

Getting help

If you think you may have been a victim of negligence, or are worried that things don’t seem to be going right with your treatment then you should contact one of our specialist solicitors who will be able to talk through your options, which may include a claim for compensation. Compensation is important in cases of clinical negligence because it can help assist with rehabilitation, adaptations of the home and car, purchasing aids and equipment, care and assistance, cover loss of earnings, and private medical treatment.

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