Motorcycle accident claims

Can I make a compensation claim for a motorbike accident?

The best advice we can give is to speak to one of Birchall Blackburn Law’s specialist motorcycle injury solicitors as soon as possible. We will tell you straight away whether you have the basis to make a successful claim

Birchall Blackburn Law’s injury solicitors will provide initial free and confidential advice – so use the opportunity to test our experts. We have helped many motorcyclists and their families in this field of law and there is no obligation. Just call us… 0800 988 1548.

It is accepted that the majority of motorcycle accidents that result in serious injury or death involve another vehicle. Historically police accident records suggest that the other road user is at fault in many cases, with the contributory factor ‘failed to look properly’ being most common (Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2012 Annual Report, 2013).

However, even if it is not obvious who is to blame or even if you believe that you may have been at fault too, there could be other factors that contributed to the accident. For example, of the 33 motorcyclists killed on London’s roads in 2016 several were attributed to a junction ‘redesign’ that made the location lethal for motorcyclists.

Complex specialist knowledge particular to motorcyclists is needed to obtain compensation for motorbike accident claims. Every motorcyclist is different, every accident is unique and no two injuries are the same, which means it is difficult to give generalise advice about motorcycle claims.

How much can I expect to receive in compensation for a motorcycle accident?

The amount of compensation a motorcyclist receives will depend on many factors, such as the severity of the physical injuries (e.g. broken bones, amputation or paralysis), psychological and emotional trauma and anxiety, medical expenses incurred, rehabilitation program, pain and practical impact on the person’s social and financial life, and future care needs.

Each individual case is different and the impact on a person’s life – and their family and friends – will be different.  Most injuries attract thousands of pounds in compensation. It is not unusual for Birchall Blackburn Law to secure  total awards of  tens or hundreds of thousands  of pounds. We have secured multi- million pound awards are made in the most serious cases

Whatever the size of the personal injury claim, it is important that the funding is properly managed to ensure that the injured motorcycle rider’s long-term needs continue to be cared for. If required Birchall Blackburn can give advice on Court of Protection deputyship, guide on the investment of damages, provide access to independent financial advice and appoint a case manager to establish a Personal Care Support Scheme for injured clients.

Would I have to pay to make a motorbike claim?

It is important to remember that there should be no up-front costs and you should never be out of pocket when making a motorcycle injury claim – whether the compensation case is successful or not.

Birchall Blackburn Law’s experienced solictiors will work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

Why is it important to make a compensation claim for a motorbike accident?

Motorbike injuries are very different to injuries experience by other road users if they are involved in an accident. More often a rider will suffer very serious and potentially life-changing injuries, which require fast and bespoke rehabilitation.

It is well documented that the quicker an injured rider starts the rehabilitation process the more chance they have of a positive outcome, better quality of life and – whenever possible – the opportunity to get back on the road to ride out their passion.

But fast, individually tailored, expert medical rehabilitation that makes the most of the latest technology does not come cheap, which is where financial support through the compensation claim plays its vital role.

What does a biker need to establish for a successful road traffic compensation claim?

To successfully claim, it is usually enough to prove that the third party’s driving involved a breach of  the highway code which contribute to the happening of the accident.

What makes Birchall Blackburn Law different from other personal injury solicitors?

We have years of experience dealing with successful motorcycle claims that informs our approach to the legal and personal process of making a compensation claim.

Whenever possible we try to secure an interim payment (early financial assistance) to help the injured rider access specialist rehabilitation support and equipment quickly. Research shows that a fast start to an expert program of rehabilitation can dramatically improve outcomes and injured motorcyclists will be more independent in the long term, and in some cases can return to work – and the road – quicker.

By acting quickly and addressing short-term needs we can help secure the injured rider’s long-term future. This gives our clients the best chance of reaching their full potential and regaining confidence, independence and quality of life.

To help us achieve short-term and long-term goals we:

·     Visit you at home or in a familiar place to suit you and your family

·     Assess you immediate needs as quickly as possible, including the financial obligations of any breadwinners

·     Work for you as part of a professional network of experts, including case managers, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists

·     Help you organise and facilitate private rehabilitation treatment

·     Hold nine accreditations from the Law Society for your peace of mind

·     Promise a qualified specialist solicitor will lead you case

·     Give you a dedicated legal team of professional, understanding and compassionate people with a proven track record

·     Be easily contactable and always approachable

·     Support your whole family and provide you with regular updates at every stage

·     Provide access to full legal services, including, conveyancing for property adaptations, wills, power of attorney, probate and all aspects of family law

·     Help you access Government benefits you are entitled to – including financial help through the ‘Motor Insurers Bureau’ (MIB) if you have been injured in an accident with an untraced or uninsured driver

Our dedicated team of motorcycle accident specialist solicitors are on hand to help you every step of the way following an accident. Contact our friendly team for advice on 0800 988 1548.