Motorcycle and Bicycle Claims

Since the bike was first invented people have found more and more inventive ways of falling off them.

Then the car was invented, and people got knocked off them too.

Bikes only make up 1% of road users but sadly account for 20% of serious road traffic accidents in the UK.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists alike are at high risk of suffering an injury at the hands of other motorists.
Unfortunately, many road traffic accidents involving cyclists and bikers are extremely serious. There is a high risk of head trauma, as well as multiple fractures and other life-threatening or life-changing injuries.

If you are involved in a serious accident you will need legal specialists who understand the full extent of any claim you can make. Birchall Blackburn Law is proud of the bespoke service it can offer victims of serious accidents through its Catastrophic Injury Department. As well and ensuring a full and comprehensive compensation service for victims of serious accidents, we also aware that your pride and joy (your bike!) might also need some attention. How do we know this? Many of our staff bike to work and love their ride too.

Why go to Birchall Blackburn Law?

At Birchall Blackburn Law our specialists have extensive experience of catastrophic and serious injury claims. Many of these involve motorcycle and bicycle accident victims and we offer a robust approach to pursuing your claim.

Our friendly and accessible specialists regard all our clients as individuals who have been seriously injured and need a sympathetic ear as well as specialist legal advice.

We take you through the various stages of your claim step by step, and work unstintingly to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

We will:

  • Arrange home visits to discuss the circumstances of your accident as well as talking you through any documentation you need to sign
  • Deal with bike repair and cycle gear replacement
  • Arrange swift private rehabilitation, with costs claimed back as part of your damages settlement
  • Organise interim payments to cover lost wages if you’re off work due to your accident
  • Carry out a full assessment of your immediate needs
  • Make swift contact with other driver’s insurers – within hours of speaking to you – to notify them of your potential claim