National Spouses Day

National Spouses Day

What makes for a long and happy marriage? It is perhaps one of the biggest questions in life that doesn’t actually have a clear answer.

Most people before their wedding day will try and seek wisdom from those who have been married for decades. How do they do it? And what is their secret?

We hear lots of big tips, such as always remember birthdays and anniversaries, have good communication, be faithful and honest. Or that it’s the little things like putting the toilet seat down and making dinner when your better half has to work late, that make the difference.

Our advice for a long, healthy and happy marriage is to give each other peace of mind. To do that you should plan for every eventuality, even if it is the unthinkable. Protect each other’s future with a valid will and a lasting power of attorney to ensure that in the face of uncertainty, you have put every measure in place to enable you and your spouse carry out each other’s wishes.

We have a dedicated team of private client specialists who are able to assist you with these services.

By having a will and an LPA in place, it will be one less stress off your mind, and can leave you to concentrate on the important things to you. Hopefully you will have as long a marriage as these three happy couples who we’ve put in the spotlight here to celebrate National Spouses Day.  

80 Years of Marriage

Margaret and Ken Harris celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary in 2017.

Ken 102 and his wife, 99 year old Margaret have only been separated twice in their long lives. The first when Ken went off to war and the second, many decades later, when he was admitted into hospital for a broken hip only a few weeks before their 80th wedding anniversary. Luckily though, Ken made it out of hospital in time to spend it with Margaret.

Their daughter-in-law Pat, said that they hold hands every day due to their memory of being separated during the war.

83 Years of Marriage

Helen and Maurice Kaye, 104 and 105 respectively celebrated their 83rd wedding anniversary in 2017. From Bournemouth, they have barely had an argument in their long and happy marriage!

90 Years of Marriage

Karam and Katari Chand from Bradford were married for 90 years before Karam sadly passed away in October 2016 at the age of 110. They married in south London way back in 1934.


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