NHS to get your patient data from your GP. Why?

NHS England will start collecting anonymised data on patient care from GPs. You may be one of the 26.5 million households to receive a leaflet explaining why.

Some patients may be alarmed but there is no need. This type of data has already been collected from hospitals for some years. It is designed to help the NHS & Government’s medical advisors to identify disease and treatment patterns. The information won’t be traceable to individuals but could flag up potential problems, such are those at the Mid-staffs NHS trust, before they have tragic consequences.

With increasing pressure on resources, the Government can identify illness hotspots requiring specialist treatment or facilities and allocate the appropriate funding and medical staff.

GPs and hospitals currently store large volumes of patient data. When we act for clients who have suffered a medical injury, we will immediately request their hospital and medical records to help us assess their claim. We do this with absolute privacy and will never disclose this to any other person, including any medical experts we instruct on your case, without your permission.

To opt out of having your data used by NHS England, you can call an information line on 0300 456 3531 or contact your GP.