Pet Corner

It’s July and our fabulous pet corner is bigger, cuter and fluffier than ever!

Your animal friends are a loving comfort to you during these challenging times and they deserve the spotlight. So, take a look through some of the new pictures you have sent to us of your lockdown pet heroes!

This is Tracey Maher’s new lockdown friend, Brenin, which means King in Welsh. Tracey and her daughter, Caitlin adopted him from Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre in Wales on July 4 and brought him to live in sunny Southport!


Susan Liver’s cat, Goldie is living his best life and sunning himself at every opportunity.


This is a photograph of Fiona Hendry’s beautiful dog, Jumble, which was taken on her 11th birthday.


Jan Garvey’s little Barney says: “Wake me up when all this pandemic business is over.”


This awesome ball of fluff is Hannah Smith’s rabbit, Alfie relaxing in the garden.


This is Paula White’s pooch, Cuba looking like he’s lovin’ life with ‘mum’ at home in lockdown!


Julie Lee’s dog, Charlie, takes her brother and her Great Nephew, Teddy for a walk.


Lynda Harrowell wanted to share a picture of her daughter’s pampered pooch down under. Ajay is a rescue Staffy who has now lived with Samantha for 2 years in Melbourne, Australia. It’s winter over there at the moment so here she is all snug in her own dressing down!


Charlotte Thornborrow’s family recently adopted 2 guinea pigs called Dolly and Daisy. Daisy the long haired one, is blind but very confident and loves lots of cuddles. Dolly is still very timid so they are letting her settle in a little more. They are loving their new home!


More photographs of Charlotte’s guinea pigs because we can!


And who doesn’t want more!?!?


Somewhere in there is Susan Liver’s cat, Goldie. Help yourself to extra cake if you can spot him.


Anna-Marie Knipe took Daisy for a trim and bought her a new bow for being brave during some surgery. Daisy is much better now!


Julie Lee finally took Charlie to get his hair cut and now you can see his proud face…


Say hello to Ralph. He is Becky and Charlotte Thornborrow’s dog. The photograph on the left was taken before his first lockdown trim. And we have to say he’s looking very dapper and younger on the right, after his hair cut!


This is four-year-old springerdoodle, Charlie! He keeps Julie Lee very busy and he is currently desperately in need of a hair cut.


This is Patch enjoying his new home and garden! Jonathan Dickinson and his gorgeous dog recently moved thanks to BB Law’s conveyancing team.


Jess Blacow and family’s newest additions! Her daughters’ baby bunny rabbits, Binky and Snowball – guess which one is which!?


This is Snoopy Doops keeping to social distancing (even from toy cats) in Michelle Heywood’s household. The family has another two cats, Tinkerbell and Obi.


Quentin Underwood’s family adopted Daisy and Willow from Wilmslow cat sanctuary nearly seven years ago. They are sisters.


Lilly and Bert in the pool making the most of the sunshine in Rachel Buckley’s garden. Bert is the dude in the shades!


Here is Jan Garvey’s little Barney enjoying lockdown sunshine. He’s a 14-year-old West Highland Terrier who was given to Jan at 4-years-old. Until then he did not speak English as he had lived with a Vietnamese family who only spoke Vietnamese at home. He didn’t understand a word she said but he is now bilingual (or trilingual if you count his Scottish descent).


This is Susan Liver’s cat Goldie. We featured him last month but this time he has nabbed Susan’s deckchair to enjoy the sun.


Harry’s dogs Harvey and Lucy


Anna-Marie’s little pupper Daisy, eager to get some files sorted


Susan Liver’s gorgeous cat Goldie snoozing in the sun


Rosemary’s pair of sweet little hoppers Harley and Sniffles


Francesca Donaghy-Sims’ beautiful cat Jake, making sure she gets her work done!


Beth Kennedy’s kitten Marty stealing the home office chair


Beth’s older cat Meadow, feeling a bit more relaxed


Jonathan Dickinson’s faithful fluffy friend Patch


Luna and Melanie Smith, Beth’s goldfish (that’s one full house!)


Stu Hughes’ daughters’ amazing fish Cookie & Dough!