Prescription Claims

Being told that you require medication is often upsetting and can lead to serious life changes. Being told that you have been given the incorrect medication or, that there has been a failure to treat you properly, can be not only upsetting but can lead to serious complications.

In most cases, healthcare practitioners, such as GP and treating consultants often prescribe the correct medications at the right time and continue to monitor the effectiveness and appropriateness of the treatment.

If you haven’t been treated properly or prescribed the correct medication then we can assist you in any potential claim.

We deal with a wide variety of prescription error claims including:

  • Wrong medication dosage
  • Prescription errors by GP, Pharmacists or prescribing nurse.
  • Wrong medication being given or dispensed
  • Medication being given for incorrect length of time
  • Prescribing or dispensing medicines with known patient sensitivity or allergy

Our clinical negligence team will be happy to talk through any potential claim.