More reasons to learn a new language

The Independent has recently reported that there are now even more reasons to learn a new language.

Not only will it improve your holiday experiences and widen your choice of destinations but it can also delay the onset of dementia. Bilingual adults suffer the onset of dementia on average four years later than those who can only speak one language. It seems that even starting to learn a new language late in life can have a positive effect.

People are becoming aware of the benefits of exercise to help prevent dementia, we now need to understand that we have to focus on keeping our brains active too. There are approximately 800,000 people in the UK suffering with a form of dementia with this figure set to rise considerably in the next ten years.

There are several drugs available but as this article suggests, the drugs ‘can only smooth the descent’, prevention is the key.
We often expect children to learn a new language, will this encourage us to push our grandparents, parents and ourselves to do the same? Bien sûr!