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Refinancing property can be an important financial decision for property owners looking to reduce their mortgage payments, shorten their mortgage term, consolidate their debt or raise capital to invest in future projects.

We can also act for you as Lender and ensure that you are appropriately advised in the best way to protect any investment or funds you are owed in a transaction.

The breadth of experience within the department means that we can advise on a wide variety of re-finance transactions including:

      Commercial Refinance (including Portfolio Refinance)

      Bridging Finance

      Second (and even Third) Charges

      Private Charges

      Equitable Charges

Through our vast experience representing clients in a variety of transactions, we work closely with brokers and interact with many different lenders – including those who are separately represented. We also have an insight into different lenders’ lending criteria and processes.

We also understand the need to work to stringent timescales while exercising a high level of due diligence to ensure that the value of the security of the lender is not affected.

Please contact the team to discuss your refinancing needs and to obtain a bespoke estimate of fees:

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