Specialist Solicitors and RoadPeace team up to support road collision victims throughout the UK

Serious injury specialist Birchall Blackburn Law has announced its partnership with RoadPeace, the National Charity for Road Crash Victims.

Birchall Blackburn Law will join RoadPeace’s legal panel which will enable road collision victims and families to access high quality legal advice alongside emotional and practical support. The partnership will also see the law firm join the charity in campaigning for improvements in the UK justice system relating to road traffic collisions.

The team at Birchall Blackburn Law have over 100 years of experience representing clients that have suffered major trauma due to road traffic collisions, as well as supporting bereaved families at inquests and through life-altering circumstances. Their work focuses on accessing rehabilitation quickly to help clients recover their quality of life and to support families in bringing justice for the victims.

Nick Simmons, CEO of RoadPeace, are delighted to welcome Birchall Blackburn Law to their legal panel.

Nick Simmons, CEO of RoadPeace

RoadPeace has been helping victims and families cope with the aftermath of road death and injury since 1992, when it was first set up by a mother whose son was killed by a red light offender. They now have a large membership network throughout the UK.

Quentin Underhill, Partner and Head of Serious and Catastrophic Injury at Birchall Blackburn Law, said: “As a firm thats ethos is rooted in recovery, rehabilitation and compassion, we are extremely proud to be offered a place on the RoadPeace legal panel”.

“Our team is a strong supporter of the work that RoadPeace does and we believe this partnership will open many doors for those suffering after their involvement with a road traffic collision”.

CEO of RoadPeace, Nick Simmons, adds: “Being able to work closely with legal specialists is an important way that we can continue to offer victims of road collisions the very best support.

With many years of experience helping people after road traffic collisions, I have no doubt that working with Birchall Blackburn Law will benefit the lives of many throughout the country during what can be the most difficult time of their lives.”

The announcement comes shortly after RoadPeace’s annual remembrance campaign, National Road Victim Month, continued to honour those that have lost their lives in road collisions, as well as raising awareness of making our roads safer.

Birchall Blackburn Law has offices across the whole of the North West: Manchester, Preston, Morecambe, Southport, Chester, Chorley and Leyland and employs over 310 staff across a broad range of legal services.