#TeamTalk: IT, IPA’s and Indian Street Food, we talk to Jon, IT Manager


Hi Jon! So can you tell us a bit about your background, how did you get into IT?

Hello, so I was going to study music at college, but ended up switching to the other subject that interested me which was IT.  I then went onto study at Bolton university and following that, I got my first job in IT support at my old high school in Malpas, Cheshire. 

So why Birchall Blackburn Law, what drew you to the company?

I’d previously worked as an IT service desk manager at a legal training firm, so I had previous experience of working in the legal industry and really enjoyed it. So when I heard about this job I thought it would be the perfect next step in my career and something I was keen to do.

Any sports or hobbies?

Yes I brew beer for myself, my family and friends, and I enjoy walking with the dogs in the Peak District and the Pennines.

Do you have any pets – besides Dot!??

Yes, we have two other dogs, a Shetland sheepdog called Patch who’s about 5 and a rescued Maltese cross, Poppy who’s about 10 and we also have two cats as well.

Favourite food?

It’s got to be Indian street food, I love Bundobust and other street food style restaurants like that, pizza as a close second though, I love a good sourdough pizza!

Favourite season?

I like Autumn, the weather tends to be good and you can get some good dog walks into the lighter evenings.

Favourite place you’ve been to?

I love the old town in Prague it has some great architecture which I find really interesting, I also spent a few weeks travelling around the US and Canada and got to visit a lot of great places.

What’s something you can’t live without?

Music, it’s got to be music.

Do you have any big ambitions?

I’d like to do some more travelling and my big dream would be to get a croft up in the Scottish Highlands with a little bit of land and rescue some more dogs!