#TeamTalk: We talk big cats and kids with Chris Bolton from our personal injury team

Birchall Blackburn Law's Personal Injury Solicitor Chris talksWe spoke to Chris – one of our solicitors in the personal injury team who deals with a wide range of personal injury cases, including Road Traffic Accidents, Employer’s Liability and Public Liability. We talk space, sport and big cats!

It must be quite a hard and emotional area of law to work in every day. How do you cope?

At times it can be really difficult – especially the more serious the case and the more badly injured your client might be. I’m not sure you can ever completely cut off from it though because it’s impossible not to feel sympathy and empathy for another person going through something traumatic.

I try and take solace from the fact that you can bear some of their burden from a legal perspective though. In personal injury, you get to help people – so as sad as it is, the fact that you’re putting in place rehabilitation and getting them compensation to try and improve their situation makes it almost easier to deal with.

Any sports or hobbies?

Well, back in the day I used to do everything – and I mean, quite literally, everything. Football, cricket, basketball, tennis, swimming – you name it I probably did it. I think it might have been a way for my parents to distract me from other things! I am o.k. at most sports but swimming and cricket were something that I did to a decent standard.

Whilst I do still play a bit of badminton, my daughters now take up a lot of my time now so I’m living vicariously through them!

Football, funnily enough, is my eldest daughter’s favourite – she really loves it. I’m quite a big Blackburn Rovers fan, season ticket holder and all that, and I try to go to as many games as I can. I first started going to games with my Dad and my daughter now follows in that tradition coming to games with me. So we’re both season ticket holders! I’ve actually got one for my youngest but she’s not really fussed.

What’s your favourite food?

Do you want me to be really specific?

Go for it!

Chicken tikka balti dupiaza with pilau rice. It doesn’t get more specific than that! I mean, I like a lot of stuff but if I could choose my last meal? Hands down it would be that.

Who or what inspires you?

Probably my dad inspired me to an extent, certainly for the legal career at least – he was a magistrate and that’s essentially how I got into law in the first place. I remember him taking me down to the magistrate’s court in the town where I lived and we watched this case going on. I can still remember it – it was a criminal case – and ever since then I knew that’s what I wanted to do at least in some form. I would have been about 13 or 14!

Any unusual facts?

I’m double jointed in my shoulders!

Tea or coffee?

Coffee. I don’t drink tea! I really don’t like the taste.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would quite like to be able to fly. Although I’m not sure if I’ve got that much of a head for heights now I think about it! I’d probably find out I’m not keen while I’m up there and end up walking everywhere again instead.

What’s the biggest preconception or misconception about lawyers that you’ve heard?

Probably the fat cat lawyer thing! I think people get certain ideas as to what we are like from t.v. and films that everybody assumes that we are unscrupulous and earn fortunes whilst in reality, most of us are just normal, salaried employees!

Summer or winter?

You know, it shouldn’t be this difficult to answer but I’m not that brilliant in the heat you see…so I’d probably have to say winter.

Are autumn and spring more your bag then?

Yes! I’ll go with those!

What’s something that you’re most proud of?

My kids. I suppose it’s a pretty obvious answer but they really are.

What’s your favourite animal?

If you’re talking domestic…cats. I’ve never really been a dog person although I am now surrounded by dogs – all my wife’s family seem to have dogs, sometimes more than one – so I’ve sort of had to get used to them. Weirdly enough they seem to like me

When it comes to non-domestic animals? Any big cat! Did you see that programme about them? Unbelievable!

If money was no object – what would you love to experience?

I think I’d probably do a bit of space travel. The whole thing looks amazing and I’d love to experience weightlessness.



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