John Whitehead

I have had cause to utilise the services of a solicitor for 3 house sales/purchases over the last 23 years. This however was my first time needing a solicitor for the sale of a business. I did and still do not hold any of the previous solicitors in high esteem as I felt they were overly expensive, difficult to track down, vague in their responses and failed miserably to understand the concept of urgency! Knowing that I required the expertise of a Commercial solicitor left me expectantly waiting for a similar, if not worse, experience than those I had already endured. To my considerable amazement I have had my negative opinions thoroughly quashed. Tony Coates and the magnificent team at Birchall Blackburn Law have been outstanding from day 1 of, what has turned out to be, a very complex sales process. Communication has been prompt, specific and clear to understand. Tony has provided guidance when necessary, even when that guidance has not been what I have wanted to hear and the level of professionalism that has been displayed in each and every interaction has been consistently first rate. Tony has demonstrated his ability to quickly adapt to hurdles , both expected and unexpected, and he has always kept me informed and discussed with me the various options I have available. I cannot thank Tony and his team enough for all the work they have put in for me – you have all been genuinely fantastic.