Violet Wangamati

I have fully appreciated the correspondence and communication I got from Birchall Blackburn Law. My representative was great in her approach and explanation. Under the current circumstances of Covid 19, l was very satisfied that the Log on portal allowed me to follow through the process and update the tasks as required. This was more important to me and additionally very informative. I could request my representative to break down the information that I wasn’t clear with ….and indeed she will break it down for me in a simple layman language without the business language with regards to mortgages and buying, which was quite helpful. I could go on, in short, l recommend all my friends to use this firm as their system worked excellent for me well. It is transparent, clear and user-friendly. As, a first time buyer, I’m thankful to my representative as she made me feel so much at ease with less anxiety. My thought, was initially was, whatever the results, my experience and end results will not be in vain. Natalie H was a slice above in my own words. Brilliant job done well.