Update On The Mesothelioma Bill – 7th Jan 2014

“The Mesothelioma Bill, a new Bill designed to compensate victims of mesothelioma (a cancer of the lining of the lung) who are unable to trace their former employer’s insurers in order to claim compensation for their terminal condition comes up at report stage this Tuesday in the House of Commons. The new Bill is a welcome improvement on the previous position which saw thousands of suffers unable to claim the compensation they were entitled to.

However the Bill does not go far enough and falls far short of the justice asbestos victims deserve. For reasons that are best described as flimsy, the Government has decided to limit the amount of compensation to 75% of the average awarded by the Courts. An all party amendment to the Bill has been tabled seeking to raise the level to 80% of average compensation. It is to be hoped that the MPs are successful.”