Why I’m wearing a hat on Friday 18th May

Birchall Blackburn Law's Leanne Tattam explains why she will be wearing a hat to support Hats for Headway 2018My hat is a Mad Hatter hat. You know, like the one in Alice in Wonderland? It’s wacky. My friends can’t believe I’m wearing it to work next week. But it’s a special day and I’ll be wearing that hat no matter what. Anyway, it’s the meaning behind it that counts.

Every 90 seconds, someone in the UK is admitted to hospital with a brain injury. It’s estimated that 1 out of 64 people are currently living here with the effects of a brain injury.

It can mean losing both the life you once lived and the person you once were. It can make those basic human reactions, like walking, talking, thinking and feeling, difficult or maybe even impossible. Someone with a brain injury needs specialist care, a compassionate community and a support system that promises to help them for the rest of their lives. Since 1979, Headway UK has been that care, support and sanctuary for 1 out of 64 people in this country.

The beginning of Headway came when two social workers, Philip Lockhart and Reg Talbott, and two carers, Dinah and Barry Minton, contacted a man named Sir Neville Butterworth after seeing his advert in a national newspaper seeking accommodation for his brain-injured son. Together, the five of them agreed to call a meeting for those involved in the care of brain-injured people, and 23 carers and professionals attended on 23rd October 1979. That’s the day that Headway was born. Their mission? To help us all better understand every aspect of brain injury, and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers.

Since then, Headway are considered the UK’s leading brain injury association – and we’ve seen first-hand the unbelievable work that they do. Since 2016, their life-saving helpline has taken well over 10,000 calls, their Justice Project ID cards have helped over 2,000 people with everyday situations and 64 of their training courses have given others a better understanding of the causes and effects of brain injury. They are experienced, resourceful and passionate about their cause. You only have to speak to some of the people they have helped to understand just how deep their dedication goes.

Now, 31 years on since its formation, Headway invites the UK to come together for a day to passionately campaign and raise awareness for life after brain injury. Hey, just like us, we’re inviting you to get involved too. It’s called Hats for Headway day.

To be a part of Hats for Headway, you don’t need a genius plan or a vault filled with gold. You don’t need to climb mountains, run marathons or sponsor a skydive (unless you want to, of course!). All you need is a wacky hat, £1 and a smile for social media. It’s really that simple!

With that £1, you can help Headway support brain injury survivors to regain some quality of life. Thanks to the services that Headway has developed over these 31 years – rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care are all in reach.

18th May 2018 isn’t just the day before another Royal wedding – it’s a day where I’ll be paying £1, taking a picture with my Mad Hatter hat and supporting Hats for Headway. The only question left to ask is – what does your hat look like?

Join Leanne, one of our Associate Solicitors in Serious & Catastrophic Injury, Birchall Blackburn Law and many other organisations up and down the country to support Headway and the incredible work that they do for brain injury survivors and their futures. Wear a wacky hat, donate £1 to Headway and post a picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #HatsForHeadway.

Hats for Headway

For more information on how to get involved, take a look at Headway’s website here.